Stretch! at Goodson Rec Center, Centennial, CO

Goodson Recreation Center

Centennial, CO

Adair dolomitic limestone.

4’x 6′ x 3′ figure. Plus 2 small benches nearby with a wave pattern 

“Stretch!” at Goodson Recreation center. Physical fitness through stretching is the theme of this installation. She is aptly named and was created to show what goes on inside the Center, including yoga, fitness, swimming and a variety of activities for people all ages. Placed near the main entrance, people can’t help but notice her, coming and going. Also folks can wait for a ride or a friend while sitting on the various seats throughout her figure or on the 2 accompanying benches.

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Stretch at Goodson Recreation Center Stretch with Madeline Wiener at Goodson Recreation Center Stretch at Goodson Recreation Center, wave benches