ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — It is always a big deal when a business or hospital unveils a new sculpture. The pomp and circumstance at Craig Hospital Tuesday was to unveil a sculpture in the roundabout. The sculpture is very special to the artist, Madeline Wiener.

Wiener’s husband, Matt, was a Craig patient about five years ago. Matt and Madeline were on vacation in Mexico when a boogie boarding accident left him paralyzed. He spent months rehabbing at the hospital and during a recent trip back to the ocean, walked in the water with the help of a walker.

That made this project very special to Madeline.

“It’s the most personal commission I’ve ever done,” she said.

Matt joined Madeline at the unveiling Tuesday to see the sculpture he inspired. The sculpture represents a woman pulling a man up off the ground. It is not exactly the Wiener’s story but it is close and the sculpture will always be very special to the two of them.

This story is by photojournalist Sean Towle